45 year male, c/o no pain , slightly incresed in size in 5 year, dx n rx


Lipoma.. Triphala guggulu, medohara guggulu local very mild udvartana with triphala or kolakulatha churna can b advised If not relived, can go with excision.
Lipomatosis.....Don't mess with unless it pains oozes...As if irritated UNNECESSARILY....can turn malignant rule out METABOLIC SYNDROME
Medohar Guggulu Vraddhi Vadhika Vati Kanchanar Guggulu Can help otherwise advise for Shastra Karma
Medoarbuda. Rx medohara guggulu. Bhallataka vati bid. Dasamoola katutraya kashayam. ,,
It can also be a sebaceous cyst... No treatment required for it unless it gets infected
Dr Ravi it is Lipoma.Thuja 10M 1 dose. Calc flour helps in soft/ hard tumors
Lipoma... Surgical removal n send the specimen for histopathology..
Dx.Lipoma Rx.kanchanar gugul and stimulate the indravasti marma
Lipoma.K anchanar guggul 2 bid.Apply Rudraksha kalka locally.
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