Emergency LSCS done in view of fetal distress with FHR rippling to 60 beats per minute. patient was a primigravida induced at 38 weeks in view of gestational hypertension...answers are welcome :)



Dx :- Abruptio placentae with retro placenta clot. Patients with abruptio placentae, also called placental abruption, typically present with bleeding, uterine contractions, and fetal distress. A significant cause of third-trimester bleeding associated with fetal and maternal morbidity and mortality. Placental abruption must be considered whenever bleeding is encountered in the second half of pregnancy. Hemorrhage into the decidua basalis occurs as the placenta separates from the uterus. Vaginal bleeding usually follows, although the presence of a concealed hemorrhage in which the blood pools behind the placenta is possible. Though primary cause of placental abruption is usually unknown, but multiple risk factors have been identified and Maternal hypertension - Most common cause of abruption, occurring in approximately 44% of all cases.


It's a abruptio placenta with retro placental clot

Absolutely... agree with u mam..

Abruptio Placenta with remarkable blood clots. Imminent watch on post operative period Urine output BT/CT Platelet Count Don't be vigorous to normotensive

Agreed sir

Very big retroplacental clot. A case of Abrupto placenta She must have needed 2_3 fresh BTs. Good job done.

Abruptio placenta with big retroplacental clot. As if 70_80% of placental separation.

PIH induced abruptio placenta with big retro placental clot. Baby survived?

Gestational hypertension-leads to abruptio placentae with big retroplacental clot.

Abruptio placentae with big retroplacental clot. Did she have APH?

Right ... placental abruption..!!! both the mother and baby did fine. it's a month old case.

placental abruption with retro placental clot

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