Erythematous lesion

21 years old male with erythmatous lesion on back of neck and arms since 3 months No h/o any systemic disease These are also associated with burning sensation, itching and sometimes transparent fluid secretion He is vata pitta prakriti with samanya agni bala




Ars alb, Tellu, mez like medicines can work... I think

Dx Erythema solare Rx Antim crude 30 tds

Allergic contact dermatitis

Start with sulphur 1m

May be Dermatitis????

Antim curud Sulfur

Contact dermatitis? Avoid synthetic clothes. Bath twice with Actaril soap.Cutis dusting powder for local application. Cap.Cutis 2-2-2

D/d eczema, psoriasis, allergic dermatitis How to manage this case by Ayurvedic treatment fellow doctors will surely suggest.

Dear Dr.Chandrika Kumar, Advice for the case. Haridra Khand . Liq. Maha Manjisthadi quatha. Dermola Ointment.

There are many medicine for such complaints in homoeopathy but need complaint case for prescribing

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