HOW can I built the esthetics establishment in this case...

Esthetics establishment placement of zirconia crown in 11,21 or11, 12,21,22



Kindly share your case in brief....Like types of occlusion, bite etc. If there is edge to edge relation or cross bite ; it will leads TFO in anterior teeth. First correct the bite , than you can give her any prosthesis.

Since the case presentation isn't clear enough, we cant suggest u clearly But whatever is seen, u can go for composite buildup !

Hello Doctor, If there is edge to edge relation,and the pt. doesnot want an orthodontic intervention, composite buildup will be a good option available.

From what can be inferred from the pic. Composite restoration should work. Go for orthodontic treatment first before any rehab

Pt is not willing to do orthodontic treatment...

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Tell d pt d reason of such complaint, i thnk edge to edge bite is der , hence LC may not b durable & proper treatment, convince d pt fr bite correction ( Ortho) first. & den either LC or crowns.

Hello doc, Chances of composite build up to stay for long time is less due to edge to edge type relation. So patient is willing you can go for any prothesis

Orthodontistic correction of occlusion is best option. It will not alter the size of the teeth . Any modification of the tooth size restoratively will be unaesthetic

If patient is not willing in Ortho treatment.advice for composite build up

Before five days I have also done such type of case with composite buildup.if u want than I ll send u pic and clear to how that procedure is done.

We don't use zirconia in ant. teeth, as it is more opaque. For ant. teeth we require more translucency to give it a life like appearance.

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