Excessive sneezing

A female pt.of Allergic Rhinitis.on Antihistamine montelucast+Levocetrizine since 3 years..(F/22).Adenoitonsillectomy done at the age of 15 n Septoplasty 5 years back.Locally antihistamine sprats not benefitted.Requested for opinions so the the young student may get relieved of this.No any underlying med.illment. Chief Complaints No any med.disorder. Vitals Normal.


Try to detect allergen and avoid it . If not possible desensitization can be tried. Combination of antihistamines and steroid nasal sprays ( Duonace) can be suggested Continue monteleukast Deworming might help.

Thank you doctor

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Many a times a change in location helps.. I have seen many of my patients ( in Nasik) become a symptomatic as soon as they visit Gujarat or Marathawada.. some get relief in Mumbai climate too.. as Dr Krishnan said rightly..to detect allergen

Avoid allergic agents like dust, food, body spray... try steroidal nasal spray.

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