F40 2 months dysphagia, emaciated, no lymphadenopathy, ND, NT. DX.

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Barium filled oesophagus show irregular mucosal pattern in mid and lower thirds of oesophagus suggest ulcerative lesion may be due to malignancy.Clinical history of other infective reasons also considered.Endoscopy and biopsy will guide the diagnosis

Narrowing at midthird of oesophagus with shouldering proximally---cA.oesophagus.

Stricture with shouldering effect in mid esophagus likely malignancy Do endoscopy

Filling defect in mid Oesophagus......? Carcinoma Oesophagus. Send biopsy material for histopathology.

Middle part of oesophagus with irregular margins and narrowing filling defect suggestive of ca oesophagus

- Ca - oesophaus middle 1/3 - Biopsy should be done by OGD scopy for confirmation. - Minimal invasive Esophagectomy [ MIE] should be done as early possible if confirmation with chemo & radio.

Ca Oesophagus middle 1/3rd

Its a case of carcinoma oesophagus.

Malignant stricture middle third of esophagus. Needs UGIE and biopsy, CECT chest and abdomen.

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