F40. Pain chest off and on..2months HTN...0,DM.....0.



Left atrial appendage area bulged. Double right cardiac contour. Wider carinal angle. Enlarged cardiac shadow. Both lung fields are clear. Mitral valve disease.

Patient with Mitral valve disease would have symptoms of at least DOE.Lt lateral film,ECG, Echocardiogram , CECT chest are options.Pericardial effusion needs to considered as DD.

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Just chest x-ray isn't enough for diagnosis.. There is huge cardiomegaly and lateraiisation of cardiac shadow with c/o chest pain is supposed to be due to huge pericardial effusion with adhesive pleuritis. Advised Complete haemogram, 2D ECHOCARDIOGRAM, And other routine investigation s too. Mitral valve desease first be ruled out And Tuberculosis for Pleuritis.

Cardiomegaly left atrial enlarged.Lv enlargement suggestive of mitral valve disease mitral regurgitation may be associated mitral stenosis with pulmonary venous hypertension.Needs echo study with LV function and PAH assessment.

Cardiomegaly with left atrial appendage enlarged with full pulmonary bay, in a 40 year female more likely RHD with mitral valve disease. Suggest echo and then subsequent....

It's a PA view chest X-ray of a female patient with borderline cardiomegally with large left atrium, qualifies by large hump on left heart border; slightly rotated film, therefore not able to comment on double atrial shadow. Large left ventricle as the apex of the heart is shifted towards left Bi basal lung congestion, suggestive of some degree of LVF; possibly, she has left sided pleural effusion. It seems to me Mitral regurgitation, until proven by 2D Echo or regurgitating jet of blood ..... I personally not in favour to say it's DCM or Mitral Stenosis. Regards, Dr. Sandipan. Bangalore.

Cardiomegaly with left ventricular aneurysm


Cardio megaly with straight left Heart border with double density of right Heart border suggestive of LA enlargement. Suspect RHD with mitral valve involvement . Get an echo done

Cardiomegaly Breast shadow 2decho Opinion of dm card Ecg

DCM. To measure Ur/Creat in case any renal shutdown on the other side in this Pt. And to find whether Pt is anuric and to find out the cause and refer to nephrologist in further. Echo for EF % and to find valvular morphology if any & restriction of fluid intake in corellation with EF% and to correct I/O ratio to correct failure if any. Loop Diuretics like Thiazide & Ionotropics like Carnisure/Carnitor may help. In case, recurrent failure and hemodynamically unstability NT-Pro BNP can be send for documentation and a CV access may be needed to measure CVP to monitor Fluid intake.

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