#its_time. x ray of Covid 19 patient 35yrs old taken in serial from day 1 to 7 trying to show pathological changes in the Lung. #Expert_opinion on this


Day 1 xray chest is as good as normal 4th day xray shows floppy haziness bilaterally Day5th xray is extensive pulmonary oedema with haziness ARDS Day 7th xray shows some resolution on rt side but lt pneumonitis patch is as it is critical
Thanx dr Bibhash Ranjan Chanda

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Day 1 x-ray appears as normal with parahilar region both sides slight haziness may be due to lymph node Day 4 some patchy scattered in both lung suggestive of pneumonitis Day 5 extensive haziness both lungs more on lt side suggestive of pulmonary oedema causing respiratory difficulty Day still haziness present both side but rt side shows some resolution but lt side showing patchy consolidation.
Thank you doctor
Serial cxrays showing bil progressive fluffy infiltration, peripherally placed multicavitary lesions with perhaps resolution in infiltrating shadows.
1. Mild bilateral paracardiac pneuonitis , more only.side 4 th day Extensive Pneumonitis involing both lungs Day5,same as on day4, +ground glass appearances day7, ground glass appearance but some what reduced on rt.side compared to Left.
Thanks dr.Bharat yeole

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Day by day worsening of X-RAY finding and conditions evidently show who a unknown ghost is playing with life of person .
Thanks Dr Shivraj Agarwal

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We should not worry on this status of x ray. We have seen in many patients when do not respond with medical management then Ayurvedic medicine Sitopaladi churn , Tripathi ,and Swarn malini vasant ras plays excellent role to overcome the haziness of lung field in pneumonia. Here we don't say that we can kill viruses and bacteria but we can low down the circumstances for surviving viruses . As outer layer of rna of virus is made up of fat so with above medicine we can break outer fatty layer of viruses . Thus we can destroy colony of viruses.
Sir what about siddha makaradwaj

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Day 1 . Bronchial markings prominent Day4. Haziness covering lung parenchyma bilaterally Day 5. Little more haziness than day 4 Day 7. Still haziness but resolving on rt side. Left side is still more
Progressive increase in Cardiac size with mediastinal widening Fluffy diffuse parenchymal infiltration Cavity left midzone
Yes with homeopathy we can save this case,just mention the behaviour of patient during problem, thirst nd thermal
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