Facial hair growth

15 years old female Chief Complaint Unwanted hair growth on body since 1 year Also Weight gain & irregular menses since 2 years Description k/c/o PCOS No H/O DM, Htn or Thyroid On examination mild unwanted hair growth on chin & neck. No other abnormality noted on examination She is vata kapha prakriti with vishma agni



Need Hormonal essay ...apart from homeopathy....as per the complain n symptoms totality. .. arnica can work in this case...if Hormonal pro is not there thn..

Needs hormonal essay. Can advise for laser therapy.

Dx Hirsutism ??? Rx Constitutional remedy with PQRS.

Work on Weight Management What about Hormonal Profile?


Sep 200

hartal,shank bhasma lepa

it called hirsutism ie due to body producing too many androgen (male hormones ) Due to use of cortisone Due to idiopathic Due to Genetics are the cousing factors. Advice. Contraceptives, treatment for pcos are considered.

It is called hirsutism,due to producing too many androgen (male hormones ). Sometime genetics, idiopathic, due use of cortisone Advice. Contraceptives and treatment for PCOS are to be considered .

As per case it may be due to hormonal imbalance, so advice for hormonal profile

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