FailedBack Surgery Options?

Low back pain, buttock pain and Claudication time 15 to 20 min, Operated for Disc Prolapse L5S1 2 YEARS BACK, sciatic radiculopathy, cafme to us for pain relief



Need follow up MRI Likely to have recurrent disc prolapse at same level or different level producing root compression and canal stenosis If there is no listhesis, Hemi laminectomy and discectomy may help

Treatments for FBSS may be generally categorized as physical therapy and exercise, medications, interventional procedures, neuromodulation, and reoperation. Careful review and classification of the level of evidence available for each category of treatment for FBSS patients will help guide clinical decision-making.

Review after MRI

Has to review MRI

Hi doctors If there is the urgency to go for resurgery, that would be the best, but if there is no urgency revealed on MRI, the patient can be asked to go for Physiotherapy with DSA test. Person usually develops back pain due to weak back structures. The DAS Test helps exclusively to find out which structures are going into more weakening, accordingly it helps for the treatment. Thank you Please correct me if any required

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