Fall on the Knee

A 35 year old fall onto knee, now unable to bear weight, unable to straight-leg-raise. Can you delineate the suprapatellar pouch and what is it filled with? Also where is the origin of injury and how is it treated? The patient is not on any anticoagulated. Not on any other medication. What is your opinion?

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If the Patient is unable to straighten the leg, may be its due to extensor lag. Caused by ruptured femoral patella tendone. With or without patella retinaculum. Or it can be due to pain. You can due posterior and anterial drawal test to access the cruciate ligaments function Lachman test. There is effusion with hemoarthrosis on suprapatella pouch

?hemarthrosis Ruptured patelofemoral ligament Pt is unable to bear weight need to see ACL injury Arthroscopy and repair of ligaments

Thanx dr Zaka Yusto M

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Hamarthosis ligament injury can confirm with physical examination (anterior drawal test lachman test distraction and compression test for menical injury stress test medial and lateral and MRI and diagnosis which gread injury pre Physiotherapy and post operat Physiotherapy pre operat Physiotherapy good for pain management and strength and rom and post operative rehabilitation

Haemarthrosis Due to tear of ligament Ref to orthopaedic surgeon for repair of ligament & drainage of blood

Repture femoro patellar ligament with heamarthrosis

Ruptured Patelar femur ligament

Significant joint effusion Knee brace Plan MRI

Partial tear of quadriceps tendon with subluxation of patella . Suggest MRI Surgical repair

Muscular sprain

Heamarthosis h/otrumatic injuries

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