Genetic Quest - COVID- 19 - for role of vector involved

THE GENETIC QUEST TO UNDERSTAND COVID- 19 . Unlocking the genetic code of corona virus will help us prevent other diseases SOURCE - UNIVERSITY OF SYDNEY-26 MARCH 2020 - A Paper by Professor Edward Holmes - an evolutionary virologist in school of medical sciences at university of SYDNEY. The novel corona virus SARS - COV- 2 that causes COVID- 19 is now likely to become the 5th endemic Corona in humans. Scientists are working to decipher its genome to help us to stop other corona viruses entering the human population.. Corona virus clearly have the capacity to jump species boundaries and adapt to new hosts, making it to predict that more will emerge in future. How the corona virus made leaps from animals to humans is a puzzle that scientists are trying to solve as humanity comes to grip with the deadly pandemic sweeping the globe . The paper identifies a similar Corona virus infecting the humans in the Malaysian Pangolin population of southern China .The role that Pangolins play in emergence of of SARS - COV- 2 is still unclear. The paper identifies Pangolin as possible intermediate hosts for COVID- 19 .The author call for these animals and others to be removed from wet markets in order to prevent zoonotic transmission to humans .It is clear wild life contains many corona viruses that could potentially emerge in humans in future. The paper has dispelled the fanciful idea that novel corona virus was a manufactured biological weapon


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Interesting and informative post sir
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