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Fch.1yr Abdominal distention. No passage of stool 2days. Vomiting.


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Rule out hirschspurng disease. Barium enema, manometry or Rectal biopsy to be done

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Intestinal gaseous distension- gas is seen till rectum indicative of chronic constipation- must be impacted faecoliths

Chronic constipation, Hirschsprung disease to be ruled out Dulcolax / glycerine suppositories, enema Diet change to more fibres, GASTRO Opinion

8Chronic Constipation. Give glycerine enema.

Gas filled abdomen. Give glycerene Enema. After CT abdomen contrast. To rule out Subacute obstruction

Intestinal obstruction dd megacolon usg abdomen auscultation

Gaseous distension. Rx Enema followed by laxative for few days Toilet training Diet modification.

Habitual constipation, Give glycerine enema

Intestinal obstruction

Large bowe obstruction

Small bowel obstruction may be due to hard impacted stools


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