Female/11 months old Present with complain of 1. decreased feeding :- 5 days 2. Seizures :- 3 days Pt is not able to recognise her mother or any one and dont respond to sounds. All milestones are delayed Pt can't even hold her neck . Past history of birth asphyxia is present. Not breast feed as baby was not able to suck milk. Not immunised Most probable diagnosis is? How to manage? @Ajay Gupta @Dr. Puranjoy Saha @Kavin Prasad @Dr. Syam Sundar Patro @Shreelekha Rathod @Nazeer Ahmad @Krishna Chakma @Pragya Sinha @Mayuri Suryawanshi @Kavin Prasad @Natesh Aroraa @Dr. Viraj R. Naik




Spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy with global developmental delay and vision, hearing impairment probably dt asphyxia? Regression due to infantile spasms ( head drop obvious in video) is suggestive of West syndrome Symptomatic... Need EEG to confirm West. MRI for etiology and prognosis. BERA, VEP Need to be under PEDIATRIC NEUROLOGIST.

Static encephalopathy....(cerebral palsy) See whether mile stones are delayed or regressing? Pseudobulbar palsy? Hypertonia? Contractures? Constipation? Intact hearing? vision?

Mile stones are regressed Hypertonia is present Vision n hearing is impaired Not constipated

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Possibly cerebral palsy with GDD with seizure disorder and visual impairment too(baby is not fixing or following your movements). Will need neuroimaging and EEG for further prognostication

Thnkew sir.

It is a case of CEREBRAL PALSY due perinatal asphyxia. Seizures also part of CEREBRAL PALSY.

Thnkew sir!

Hypoxic ischaemic encephalopathy leading to cerebral palsy..Needs Paediatrician and Neurologists opinion


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A case of cerebral palsy. Seizures are part of this. Management is symptomatic,physiotherapy.

HIE probable cerebral palsy cbc audiometry eye exam rehabilitation measures

CP due to birth asphyxia.. start iv anriepileptic Investigate and advice CECT

I do agree with DrManish-add on folinic acid in high doses post antiepileptic therapy

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Cerebral palsy.. please advise pediatric neurologist


Due to HIE, Cp or MR Required neurologist opinion

Thnkew sir!
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