female 30 yr of age....history of trauma 7days back...tender with grade 1 mobility w.r.t 11 & 21.....suggest the treatment plan



Fiber splinting to restore grade 1 mobility. Occ. check. splinting removed after 20 - 30 days. after that if complain pain and tenderness or swelling do RCT 11 &21. Before RCT check vitality test.

dear dr. adfar, etiology for mobility, if trauma: do RCT for both Centrals n weekly follow up, no splinting required... if trauma with malocclusion in lowers: do RCT for centrals n restore anterior guidance followed by follow up regularly. Gr. 1 mobility after trauma is expected so symptomatic treatment, no need for splinting it will heal on its own..!

even i wont suggest to go with crowns, now a days composite works best for anterior discoloured & fractured crown structure as well..!

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The IOPA is not clear and suggests more damage to one tooth and lesser to other. But if TOP is present with both,go for RCT. While endo use calcium hydroxide dressing. If the mobility lessens in subsequent visits, it's good or if it doesn't,go for splinting. Plus there seems either Proximal caries or overlapping laterals. Restore them too.

Extraction and implant.

First make sure if it is really tender. Do not check for vitality as the pulp remains stunned. You can use nonrigid fibre splint for not more than a week. Adjust occlusal disharmony to prevent further trauma from occlusion The final decision for endodontic therapy could be taken after 4 weeks after a conclusive pulp sensibility testing. But In case of severe tenderness on percussion.. go for Endodontic treatment

first do splinting sir, once the mobility has come down then do vitality test for both the teeth bcz now pulp must be in shock state if u do vitality it gives false positive results, then carry out ur treatment according to vitalty response...

Splinting Endo treat

Just do the splinting first. check if the teeth r not in TFO with antagonistic teeth. do vitality n Repeat vitality after 4-6 weeks. no need for Rct immediately. after splinting, the PDL will repair itself and will undergo remodelling, mobility will gradually reduce.

agree with dr Sai

Splinting followed by endo treatment wrt 11n if required 21 also...

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