female child Age 9 yr c/o eruption on face nd neck since 2 month no tenderness . no discharge eruption increasing in number



It is Molluscum Contagiosum.... Pulsatilla works very well in this condition.. Start with 200 th /tds /week... And increase potency to 1000/tds./next week.. If after that or at any time... You feel the patient is not responding, you may give a dose of TUBERCULINUM 1000/ONE DOSE DIRECTLY 2DROPS OF LIQUID POTENCY ON THE TONGUE.

Molluscum cotagiosum Rx Ars. Alb 30 Rhustox 30

Sirji .... dosing

As from pic it is Molluscum contagiosum. Homeopathic medicines- (1)Silicea: Umbilicated eruptions with offensive pus. Itching only in daytime and evening. Scrofulous, rachitic children, with large head, open fontanelles and sutures, distended abdomen. Patient chilly wants plenty warm clothing. (2)Thuja: Wart like eruption especially on anogenital region. Perspiration sweetish and strong. Eruptions only on covered parts and worse after scratching. Left sided and chilly medicine for those who have emotional sensitiveness and fixed ideas. (3)Tuberculinum also has a good role in establishing cure if given as intercurrent. (4)Calcarea-ars-Eczema of face and scalp. Coldness of head. Pale, sickly, bloated face. (5)Calcarea carb-Unhealthy; readily ulcerating; flaccid. Small wounds do not heal readily. Glands swollen. Nettle rash; better in cold air. Warts on face and hands. Petechial eruptions. Chilblains. Boils. (6)Kali-iod-Purple spots; worse on legs. Acne, hydroa. Small boils. Glands enlarged, indurated. Hives. Rough nodules all over, worse any covering; heat of body intense. Fissured anus of infants. Tendency to œdematous swellings, eyelids, mouth, uvula, etc. Acne rosacea. (7)Sulphur- The great characteristic of this remedy is the aggravation from washing; this, with scratching, makes the parts burn intensely. The skin is rough, coarse and measly, and there is much soreness in the folds of the skin and a tendency to pustular eruptions. Dryness and heat of scalp, with intense itching, especially at night, and scratching causes soreness; wetting makes it burn. (8)Natrum Mur- The Homeopathic Remedy Natrum Muriaticum (Nat. Mur.) is a well known multipurpose remedy used for many years to treat various conditions. It is considered to be most successful with treating symptoms related to poor and damaged skin conditions and complaints such as warts, pimples, boils, Molluscum contagiosum, and excessive oiliness. (9)Kali muriaticum. [Kali-m]- One of the most satisfactory remedies in the treatment of eczema capitis and moist eczemas, especially when chronic and obstinate in character. This observation has been repeatedly verified. Cartier and our Brazilian confreres endorse it. It is also a most useful remedy in acne and in sycotic skin manifestations. (10) Kali bromatum-Face flushed. Acne of face, pustules. General failure of mental power, loss of memory, melancholia, anesthesia of the mucous membranes. Suicidal mania with tremulousness. Itching of skin worse on chest, shoulders, and face.

Molluscum Contagiousum

Looks like molluscum contagiosum

Lookes appear like milia

All respected doctors, my child age 6 yrs having same eruptions on face since 8 months and they are increasing in number...I am taking homeopathy medicine for this since 6 months. .but it doesn't work..so kindly suggest the treatment...

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Molluscum cotagiosum your should take proper case taking on basis of it select proper constitution drugs and focus more on mental symptoms. There are few remedies for guid lines Rx Rux tox Ars alb Graphitis Sulphur Belladona Cal carb Nat mur Pullsatila Sepia Ignitia Etc. Try most simillibum remedies

? Mullascum Contagiosum

Molluscum contagiosum

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