Female complaning of lower abd Pain and white discharge since 2 months plz specify the treatment



A stamped case of PID with hydrosalphinxwith with adenomosis & bulky uterus too + Cevicitis. So I think she is multi with completion of child bearing . So in such case Hysterectomy with bilateral tubectomy will be ideal(can go for oophrectomy as well if 42+) Tt is totally going to differ if she is young.

31yrs old with adenomyosis nd cervicitis with pain lower abdomen nd white discharge.Give her antibiotic course of Ciprofloxacin nd Metrogyl for 2wks.Candid CL vag tab for 6days.Treat her husband simultaneously.Rpt scan after 1month.Do papsmear on D7/8 of next cycle aftet treating infection.Do endometrial biopsy..For adenomyosis if she has menstrual problem or dysmenorrhea give her T.Norethisterone 5mg b.d for 21days from D5 for 6 cycles.Rpt scan after 6months.If no improvement nd she has completed her family adv.hysterectomy.

Patient is having pain abdomen and vaginal discharge.Take detail history regarding UTI also.Ask if any history of menorrhagia n sv. dysmenorrhea as usg shows adenomyosis.Do gynaec check up,ps,pv examination.see for vaginitis and Abnormal discharge, see size of uterus n tenderness in fornices in case of PID. Get CBC, urine exam, pelvic scan. We will gv treatment of PID as said and follow up the patient. If menstrual problems are there ,pain persists and family is complete,then only we go for TAH .

Age of patient ? Its a typical PID case.do ps take cervical swab for C/S, pap's smear. Start cap Doy 100mg bdx 14days, NSAID, SERRATID, Tab meterogyl 4oomtds for 5 days. Inj placentrex im od x 14 days.vaginal pessary x 7 days. Review after two wks if not not relieved completely, Tab Azithromycin 500mg od x 5days may be repeated. If age about forty & family is completed hysterectomy may be advised.

I will go with Dr Umaid Singh sodha and you can complement pap's smear with endometrial biopsy also.

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IV antibiotics, antispasmodics+ analgesics for pain relief(mostly due to hydrosalpinx), high vaginal & cervical swab, oral doxy , vaginal tablets for cervicitis,hysterectomy should be the last line of trt 'cos even afterwards she would have lower abdominal pain.

There is no mention of menstrual history and PS/ PV findings. Pap smear to be done. Management will depend upon menstrual history and Pap smear findings. If required, cervical biopsy should be taken. At the age of 31 years, decision about hysterectomy has to be taken in extreme circumstances.

This is a case of adenomyosis n endometriosis... For white discharge given Clingen forte vag supp...manage further according to symptoms dysmenorrhea, infertility

age is 31 so if family complete then t/t is hysterectomy with b/l tubectomy +/- b/l oophorectomy (decide on table, depending on ovary status)

I agree with Dr.Y Verma.

This is a case of PID with cervicitis with adenomyosis.Rx-doxycycline +flagyl .vaginal swab&pap smear to be taken.

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