female lady age 45 yrs is having alopecia totalis. she is house wife. she had no complications other than this.i had tried for six months but of no useful improvement.. i need your valuable advice which can help in improvement of that case. pls Rx.


constitutiona remady is better and good for this case

ok dr jb garu

first of all the case taking should be complete in all aspect, after then look for uncommon peculiar symptoms of the case, repertorize and differentiate remedies according to disposition of patient.. follow up should be according to hering law of cure..

good thank you dr deepak

if any peculiar symptom is not found then better to go for deep acting constitutional remedy.

Rule out family history of alopecia

ok thank you dr yogendra garu

sir u start with virechana... Then inj Kenacort local weekly once, Tab Mepsone 4mg BD for 15

15 days.

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do one thing that take a small onion and cut at one end this part touchdown in sugar then rub the onion in the affected area for 20 to 30 mints..then apply mathan oil (siddha med.) ext. and give rasagandhi mezhugu cap. 500 mg with butter milk int. at bed time... for 15 days...

ok thank you dr manu

If you wants to try ayurveda then advice - Gandhak Rasayan 1 tab BD - Triphala Guggulu 1 tab BD - Local application of Godhan Ark + Iccha Bhedi Rasa Churna - Bhringrajasava 10ml BD Headbath with Ritha-Shikakai powder

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