female of 16yrs, no other complaints,, in her words "iam healthy n comfortable with my work".brought by her brother saying h/o sudden fall , so he did this report n came for opinion...pls comment...



Treat it as microcytic hypochromic anemia Give iron & folic acid tablets for 3 months

Resp sir, need your valuable opinion, apart from iron deficiency, how & when to decide about low mch , is it required to r/o any haemoglobinopathy? Thank you sir

ok thank u doctor...but wat abt the platelet count...

anaemia plt increases if HB falls

due to infection there is slight increase in wbc and platlates sir

cap autrine 1 od for 2 month

cap autrin 1od 3 to 6 month and tab zentel 400 mg 1 stat repeat after 1 week

can I add tab lasix stat at interval?

Iron deficiency anemia associated with increased platelet count, find the cause of anemia

Syncope due to severe Anaemia.

Center can be Repeated after 2 week.

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