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Female patient , 24 year old , had severe itching all over the body and pain in abdomen over a period of 1 month . She’s already taking Tab Cetrizine/ Tab Allegra 180 mg, on regular basis but there’s not much relief in itching.Due to itching she’s now developed skin lesions on arms and thighs as displayed in the image below. Suggest Ayurvedic treatment.



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Treated with liver ailment & detox plan Arogyavardhini vati Guduchi ghan vati Phaltrikatidi Kwath Liv 52 DS Madhuyastyadi oil LA Also light diet , > liquid intake and coconut water 3-4 glasses/ day

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Rhus toxin 200. ,sulphur 30 yes lotion scabiol

Its Scabies.... Go with Sarvanga Abhyanga with Karanj Tailam followed by sun exposure for 30min then bath with Sukoshna Jala.... He will be alright from 1st sitting Advise for 3-5 days

please explain how are we diagnosing this as scabies it’s only inflamed skin lesion associated with itching and I’ve also mentioned the LFT reports

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Scabies i agree with dr shadab ali.

Sir how are u realting this to scabies? any relevent sign you noticed ?

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Give cardus mur tritration 1x and chelidonium q twice in day

Dr.Your prescription has pathological similarity.knowingly or unknowingly

Treat Liver...first... Tab.Nirocil 1 tid Arogyavardhini vati 1 tid LS vati 1 BD Pentaphyte caps 1tid Sramsana r Nitya Virechana needed ..

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Scabies Use of antiscab lotion fr L/A Use of Neem Soap fr Bath/Wash Cap- Neem BD (Himalaya) Any antiallergic Tab OD Plenty of water Maintain personal hygeine Avoid junk, oily, spicy fermented and bakery products and nonveg

sir you’re only giving opinion about the skin rest there is liver ailment too , Also please define the diagnosis for scabies in this case

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Sheeta pitta,, tt agree with Dr Smith,. But add sadyah virechana ,,gives good results,,

Dr Anitha


How are u coming to diagnose this as scabies? any relevant signs noticed ?

Orally laghu suta shekar rasa 2 tid.,kamaduda mouthika 1tid. Gandaka rasaysna 1tid..kadirarista.+sarivadyasava 3 tsp tid with water.


Nux vomica1M one does at bedtime.Sulphur 30 one does early in the morning.

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