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Female patient , 24 year old , had severe itching all over the body and pain in abdomen over a period of 1 month . She’s already taking Tab Cetrizine/ Tab Allegra 180 mg, on regular basis but there’s not much relief in itching.Due to itching she’s now developed skin lesions on arms and thighs as displayed in the image below. Suggest Ayurvedic treatment.



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Treated with liver ailment & detox plan Arogyavardhini vati Guduchi ghan vati Phaltrikatidi Kwath Liv 52 DS Madhuyastyadi oil LA Also light diet , > liquid intake and coconut water 3-4 glasses/ day

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hello drs, with due respect to dr palak ,i wonder on these panelist drs abt there diagnosis and advised treatment [[totally shocked]].why this ptn since one month no relief,the diagnosis was itself presented in history which most panelist have missed it.. frankly speaking, -there is no role of ayurveda or homeopathic treatment. expecting ayurveda was worst.. -this is neither scabies nor any skin ailment. -concerned dr should have examined bit more carefully..but atleast congratulate for LFT test done. in short, the history is generalised pruritus with diffuse abdominal pain. invest report:suggestive of increased aminotransferase elevations with alkaline phosphatase..[[only important missed point in this lab report was..GGT[gamma glutaryltransferase]test.would have more helped us ]]] provisional diagnosis::cholestatic pruritus?? therefore cetrizine and fexofanadine wasnt working in this case. -thus ptn immediate hospitalization with usg report was required.. -from this lab report it could have been slight chance of hepatocellular injury,bcz of ALT>AST.but lets wait and watch.. i would truly happy if ptn concluded case would be presented. plz take it as constructive criticism. i would welcome debate even on my presentation of case.. small tips:in short any pruritus be classified as localised or generalised..any generalised pruritus without skin lesions should immediately be considered with systemic cause. thanks..

what about test reports for bile pig& bile salts,

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Hyperbilirubinemia with scabies. Syp liv52 5ml TDS Tab oflox200mg 1bd for 5 days, I/v fluids if necessary, Scabex s cream for local application except head and face, Tab levocetrizine5mg 1od Tab bandy plus 1hs×2 Neem soap for bath, Maintain hygiene.

Sir how is this relating to scabies can u please help define it here ? Also please mention natural or ayurvedic treatment . Patient alredy took cetrizine for 1 month

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Its Scabies.... Go with Sarvanga Abhyanga with Karanj Tailam followed by sun exposure for 30min then bath with Sukoshna Jala.... He will be alright from 1st sitting Advise for 3-5 days

please explain how are we diagnosing this as scabies it’s only inflamed skin lesion associated with itching and I’ve also mentioned the LFT reports

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Scabies Use of antiscab lotion fr L/A Use of Neem Soap fr Bath/Wash Cap- Neem BD (Himalaya) Any antiallergic Tab OD Plenty of water Maintain personal hygeine Avoid junk, oily, spicy fermented and bakery products and nonveg

sir you’re only giving opinion about the skin rest there is liver ailment too , Also please define the diagnosis for scabies in this case

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It is Kamala. It is liver disorder according to Ayurveda -1)To minimize itching give Kanjidhara, it gives instant relief from itching 2) Tab. Arogyavardhini 2tds 3)Tab Samshamani vati 2qid 4) Avipattikar churna 1/2 tsf with water bd before meal 5)Shivaksharpachanchurna+Sharpunkha+Devdar+Balhirda+Haritaki+Daruharidra equal quantity and from it take 1gm bd with water afer eating. 6)Avoid oil completely. Give only Shali laja manda, laja, rice gruel for 7 days. Keep hydrated. Iv fluids if needed. Daily pomegranate fruits and plenty of raisin 7)LFT every 48 hours should monitor

Sheeta pitta,, tt agree with Dr Smith,. But add sadyah virechana ,,gives good results,,

Dr Anitha

Scabies .. Treat with.. Gandhak rasayan Kusth kuthar ras Arogyavardhni vati Arkadi or maha marichyadi oil for local application. Avoid ushan teekshan aahar vihar

Treated with liver ailment & detox plan Arogyavardhini vati Guduchi ghan vati Phaltrikatidi Kwath Liv 52 DS Madhuyastyadi oil LA Also light diet , > liquid intake and coconut water 3-4 glasses/ day

Sgot sgpt icrease so amoebic heatic involment fatty liver hepstic amoebisis abemseccs start liv 52 faltrikadi gu gull mahmanjishdi kwath trifala gufuul see platlet also as it may thrombocytopenis start punarnava mandur

Is she having irregular mensuration or leukorea problem

A case of Hepatitis. Treat it itching will go with treatment of Hepatitis.

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