female patient aged 35 yrs suffering from this type of recurrent ulcer since more then 3 years... no palpable lymphnodes relieved by routine antibiotics h/o depression is there



yes as mentioned by Dr savidha , there is clear post nasal drip which is due to chronic sinusitis allergic or suppurative. do a through endoscopy and treat the cause not the symptom

normal xray PNS

Acute recurrent pharyngitis, advised to increase immunity.

acute recurrent pharyngitis. advise to improve immunity

rule out chronic sinusitis which may lead to post nasal drip and causing pharyngitis also look for LPR

anxiety and depression are one of the reasons for stomatitis aphthus ulcers. if the depression is treated then I think she will be relieved

There is scarring of anterior pillars. Underlying mucosal disease is to be addressed. RECUURENT URTI, are probably because of unaddressed mucosal disease. Kindly consider a referral to Dermatologist and a mucosal biopsy. Review her medication, antidepressants are known for their anti cholinergic side effects that might cause dry mouth, stomatitis superadded secondary infection. Antibiotic, analgesic, mouth gel, gargles relieve only acute symptoms and not the reason that's causing the infection to be recurrent.

Acute pharyngitis wth uvelitis , advice improve immunily , mouth gargle, antibiotic

check out other symptoms like mild fever, weight loss cough and go for HIV, HBSAg screening

both r -ve

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Mostly nutritional cause in this case specially when it is related to Depression,kindly get her peripheral Smear of blood and Rule out Anaemia and Nutritional Causes.

Chronic sinusitis allergic suppurative Pharyngitis

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