female patients age of 38 yr having cervical lymph nodes and having complain of restless in legs and weaknesses and common cold irregularly FNAC And Blood reports are are as shown in reports image plzzz suggest your Diagnosis


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I advise to check T3 T4 TSH levels urgently as Cervical lymph nodes increased also other symptoms like weakness and common cold ruled out the increased thyroid gland @ and deprivation of thyroid function suggestive of kindly do histopathology or Fnac of thyroid to ruled out is it colloidal goitre if it is then as per surgeons opinion go for hemithyroidectomy if having Positive biopsy or histopathology then subtotal or total thyroidectomy is administered Till all reports not advice for conservative management

Can we advise Kanchanar and Vraddhi Vadhika in this case?

Symptoms and reports are suggestive of chronic inflammation. An ultrasound of the cervical nodes and Thyroid gland must be done. A chest X ray, a PNS waters view should be done. Immunoglobulins, a detailed hemogram & a thyroid profile & TPO antibody to rule out autoimmune thyroiditis. Past history of diseases related to anterior/ posterior cervical lymph drainage organs must be ruled out. It could be a lymphangioma of adulthood. DD must be done. you must advise an excisional biopsy of the lymph node to check whether the smear is highly cellular? and to check cell changes. @Dr. Shadab Alif

Thanks mam for your opinion

What is the complaints of patient??? Is there any weight loss, low grade fever ??? Examine supraclavicular lymphnode for GI malignancies... X-ray chest PA view is very important

Dr please explain the all the complaints.in such cases they will be having evening rise of temperature with loss of weight and appetite, and URTI. Rule out tuberculosis. Ask the patient to go for further investigations like chest X-ray ,ATT Complete blood tests sputum test etc

No weight and appetite loos no urti and there is no sputum only common cold

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Kindly do proper investigation s

Kanchnar guggul2tab twice asokaristadashmoolarista20ml each after meals Amlaki rasayan500mg once

Adviced her for x-chest and PPD,, some time in tuberculosis symptoms present like them

Still, s disease

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