female pt 32 yr having itching vulva 3 month. And look like this vulva diagnosis treatment. ?



Vulva candidias. C. Adv. RBS , and thyroid profile. Maintenance of local hygiene. Candid B ointment for external application. Go can dusting powder. Adv. Local hygiene maintenance. Tab. Anti histamine. Tab. Candiat 200mg bd

It is vulval candidiasis. So give candid ointment. But in fungal infection itching is very intense and there is cycle itching- increased itching so you can infiltrate vulval skin with local xylocain to break the cycle. It will reduce itching.

it looks like small bartholin cyst.start antibiotics and analgesic. apply cambizen gel at night on itchy area.

luckoplakia it seems candial infection local and systemical anti fungal with anti hustaminica treatment can give results if symptoms persists Punch biopsy is nessary to rule out any atypical cellular changes

Candidiasis. Local hygiene. Keep the place dry. Get blood glucose chked. candid B dusting powder. Ointment candid B. Tab iteroconazole 100mg bd for one mnth

vulval candidiasis keep the local area dry maintain hygiene apply antifungal cream and start antifungal tablets weekly

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lukoplakia. Punch biopsy to rule out vulval carcinoma.

This is leukoplakia of vulva.Local application of estrogen and antihistamines orally will be beneficial.If the symptoms persists ,then punch biopsy followed by simple vulvectomy.

leukoplakia with itching.vulval biopsy to be taken to rule out dermatological problem.

it's chronic candid oasis going towards leukoplakia vulva

it's Vulval candidiasis it also know as candida albicans infection tab fluconazole 100 mg per wk take 6. wks or clorimazole 500 mg vaginal suppositories once wk or panderm v gel

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