pleural effusion, pneumonia

Female PT with sob on off Vital stable Chest pain right sided Crx show pleural effusion Fibrosis, pneumatic changes Plz suggest Rx dx




Cardiomegaly Lower zone translucent haziness bilaterally Covid19 pneumonitis

Thanx dr Priyanka Pawar

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Calcified opacities seen in bil lung fields. Bil basal heziness seen. Possibly Koch's sequelae.

Dx-1.pneumonitic changes due to covid positive....First possibilits seen.... D/d-also think about tuberculosis or lungs cancer....... Cardiac size inlargenent + CT chest and covid test may be help to exect diagnoses of case ... Tetemwnt-rx 1.antipyretic with analgesic 2.antibiotics if infusion is minimal if more than inspiration first 3.vitamin c with zink... 4.may covid+ than thik about steroids 5.If severe sob + and vitale disturb than oxygen transport ans addition in icu......

Cardiomegaly with soft haziness seen in the lower lung suggestive of bronchopneumonia DD covid19

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Rt upper nd paratracheal infiltration Bilateral basal haziness Adv HRCT Evaluate for Covid pnemonitis ?old infection Treatment as per protocol

Cxr shows B/l lower lobe pneumonitis

Homoeopathic medicine belladonna 200 and arsenic alb 30 help full for inflammatory change seen in covid case...

Possibility of covid 19 pneumonia

Bilateral lower zone haziness look like reverse Batwing sing Most likely COVID do hrct see CT score and do RTPCR For COVID.

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