female unmarried 25 yrs no any complain except pain in abdomen periods on time usg attached..fibriod uterus since 2 yrs treatment of fibrioid uterus 26 x 20mm ocp should b given or not?

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Fibroid is an accidental finding. Except mild Dysmenorrhoea no complaints Otherwise also she is in perimenopausal age. So there would be withdrawal of Estrogen Fibroid is mainly estrogen dependent So it will again shrink, otherwise also it's 20×26 mm So nothing to worry about Assure pt about it. Yrly usg for size of fibroid. Only Symptomatic tt needed. But if pt insists go for Hystrectomy with BSO.

No need ...symptomatic treatment of abdominal pain...repeat u.s.g some different lab...give some for uterine health ...check patients BMI..Mental level of stress and her hygine n sanitation ...If anxiety or depression seen advice short term Tca..

As she is unmarried, should be taken care of her uterine health along with symptomatic pain management or else Myomectomy can be done.

Sir plz tell which medicine should b started for her for fibriod???

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Requires no treatment as it is seedling fibroid.counsel her ,can do other tests to find out the cause of pain abdomen.till then symptomatic treatment only

Medroxyprogesteron 10 mg bd may be continued

Its a seedling fibroid....rule out the other causes of pan abdomen...till then symptomatic treatment

A very small fibroid, give pain killers, OC pills if rapidly growing

No. Rule out the causes of abdominal of pain.

Wht is oral medicine to reduce uterine fibroid?

Wait and watch.if gross increase in size go for c s


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