Find the cause for persistent cough

Chief Complaint A 2 y/o girl child is continuously seen in the ER with the complaint of cough for the past 3 months. She was being treated with amoxicillin and salbutamol inhaler but no effect. History Family history: Mother is asthmatic Examination Child is healthy and well, apyrexial and had bilateral basal crackles on auscultation of her chest. Treatment What could be the cause of her persistent cough and how to treat?



See whether it is associated with fever—>it maybe due to Adenoid/Tinsilitis/Sinusitis/Viral URT...OR Pneumonia,Immune difiency If No fever—>it maybe HRAD,& if it’s Atopic—>1.Asthama 2.Allergic ..&if it’s Non-Atopic—>it may beGERD,/Foreign body/Left—>Rt.Shunt

Rule out tonsillitis, ,sinusitis Family history of asthma present . Xray chest and CBC and eosinophil count should be done . Suggestive of atopic asthma Steroid inhalers + LABA + antihistamines

See for.bronchiolitis. Asthakind ls syrup 2.5ml tid Deflazacort syrup 2.5ml bd

RAD... Oral bronchodilator, antihistaminic & short course of steroid....

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