Plz suggest the hom med... Age : 50-M C/o: flatulence since 5 yr after pneumonia. Even simple food cause flatulence. Rice, black gram, fermented food, menda also causes flatulence. Sometime even chappati causes the flatulence. Pain in chest when flatulence occurs. Don't want to talk with anyone when suffers from flatulence. > rest Past histry: recurrent boil since childhood (no boils after pneumonia) Pneumonia before 5 yr.



You must have constipation... after treatment from allopathic drugs...

No there is no constipation

Due to repertorization the medicine is lyc ,carboveg and belladonna .

Kali carb 30 daily alter with carbo veg 200

Thank you doctor

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Carbo veg 30 -2doses. (One dose s.o.s)

Nat Sulph card m gun power

Lyco can work

Thank you doctor

Carbo veg

Carb veg is an wonderful remedy for flatulence .Avoid white flour,gram flour ,cabbage ,rice ,potato as these are the food items associated with flatulence.Advise the patient for a walk as this will help in coping with indigestion too .

NuX v..200 Hs for 7 days.. China 200 after 5 drop. MuthaQ+Mentha Q 20 Drop TDS with leuk warm H2O Nixocid syrup SBL BD

1 .carbo veg 30 3d 2.chinaQ 2daily after meal.

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