FLU VACCINATION URGED DURING COVID-19 PANDEMIC Ii is a medical news published in JAMA on 20 August 2020 . According to this reference, as we are heading into influenza season with novel coronavirus pandemic still raging, public health authorities in U.S.A stress that its important then ever for people to get their flu shots . Although, influenza disease burden varies from year to year , evidence clearly shows that vaccination can reduce flu severity and prevent hospitalizations THERE FORE I URGE ALL PRACTICING DOCTORS ON CUROFY TO GET VACCINATED BEFORE THE WINTER SEASON STARTS AS a combination of influenza and COVID-19 disease is deadly and if we doctors contact both infections together- which is a likelihood- in Indian set up - it is difficult to survive- considering the shortage of ventilators and also we don't have trained staff to manage ventilatory support. Although- Govt .is procuring ventilators - but it will take time for the Govt to train the manpower to manage ventilators. THANKS and I hope my colleagues get vaccinated as early as possible before winter season In U.SA - no doctor is allowed to see patients before he is vaccinated before 1st October 2020

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Serious advice and timely prevention can save you.

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