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20 y female c/o right lateral lower cervical swelling since few days Chief Complaints C/o pain and swelling in right lateral lower cervical region History No significant past history Vitals GC avg ,110/70 mmhg, 72/min HR Physical Examination O/E 1.0x0.5 cm firm ,mobile right lateral lower cervical swelling since few days. Investigations CBC,ESR ,PERIPHERAL SMEAR EXAMINATION AND FNAC WERE ADVISED. CBC WITHIN NORMAL LIMIT.ESR 41,PERIPHERAL SMEAR NORMOCYTIC NORMOCHROMIC. ON ASPIRATION ,HEMORRHAGIC ASPIRATE WAS OBTAINED. Diagnosis The smears were H&E stained. The smears show polymorphous population of small mature lymphocytes and reactive lymphoid cells comprising of centroblasts,centrocytes and immunoblasts amidst the hemorrhagic background. Epitheloid cells clusters also seen. GRANULOMATOUS LYMPHADENITIS/TUBERCULAR LYMPHADENITIS Management The patient referred to DOTS CENTRE


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granulomatous lymphadenitis probably of tuberculous origin. GeneXpert studies suggested

Yes. Granulomatous lesion.. lymph node Sug. Cbnaat

Likely Granulomatous Inflammation

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