65 y male C/o pain and swelling in bilateral scrotum Chief Complaints 65 year male c/o pain in bilateral scrotum since many years. History No significant past history Vitals Gc average.130/90 mmhg ,72/ min HR. Physical Examination 65 y male came with pain in bilateral scrotum...swelling could not be appreciated externally.. Investigations The surgeon advised FNAC of bilateral scrotum and USG scrotum..USG report is enclosed.From right scrotum around 6.0 ml yellowish fluid aspirated and from left scrotum aspirate was hemorrhagic..The smears were prepared from the cell deposits after centrifugation and H&E stained..The smears show cells having abundant eosinophilic cytoplasm...? Sertoli cells. Diagnosis Cystic swelling in the scrotum..From the left scrotum only rbcs seen


Mucomyxoid debris Clusters of latge cells.. central nucleus.. round contour.. sharp cell outlines. Likely Leydig cells. No native spermiogenic cell seen in these images. Hydrocele or Epididymal cyst. Sug. Semen amalysis Testicular bx

fungal granuloma

Smears show few cells appearing leiding cells against necrotic & myxoid background. Adv Biopsy

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