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Fnac of anterior midline neck swelling

FNAC OF ANTERIOR MIDLINE NECK SWELLING IN 6 YEARS CHILD Chief Complaints 6 years child c/o neck swelling since 1 year. History No significant past history ... Vitals Weight and height of child within normal limit Physical Examination O/E 4.0x2.5 cm soft to cystic ,moving with deglutition anterior midline neck swelling since 1 year. Investigations The patient was advised T3T4TSH ,Anti TPO and FNAC of the swelling. TFT and Anti TPO WNL..on aspiration of the swelling 5.0 ml creamish purulent aspirate was obtained. The smears were H&E stained. The smears show abundant keratinized and non keratinized squamous epithelial cell and inflammatory cells amidst the keratinous background.. Diagnosis THYROGLOSSAL DUCT CYST... Management Before FNAC the patient was advised a course of antibiotics A clinical correlation advised


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Thyroglossal cyst. Sug. Bx

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