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24 y female c/o pain and swelling in right upper thigh since 2_3 months. Chief Complaints C/o swelling in right upper thigh since few months History No significant past history Vitals GC average.120/80 mmhg BP,72/min HR. Physical Examination O/E 5.3x3.1 cm soft swelling in the upper anterior and lateral aspects of right thigh since 2 months. Investigations FNAC was advised. On aspiration fatty material obtained and smears were Field stained. Diagnosis THE SMEARS SHOW CLUSTERS OF MATURE ADIPOSE TISSUE CELLS HAVING CLEAR CYTOPLASM ,SOME SPINDLE SHAPED CELLS AND SOME LARGE CELLS..?PLEOMORPHIC LIPOMA. Management Advised biopsy diagnosis


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Adipocytes... some with bubbly cytoplasm.. and fatty tissue fragments in necrotic debris and few macrophages. Fat necrosis. Sug. Bx

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