For Doctors and All Medical Staff working in the Hospital

Schools closed Offices closed Malls are empty Events called off Flights grounded Economy down Even international borders closed People are scared to look at each other, forget touching.. But, hospitals are still open, we still touch patients to check their pulse and examine. We don't hesitate and walk 3 mts away if you have cold, cough and fever... The only community which is at highest risk, yet not stepping back Doctors and All Medical Staff working in the Hospital Proud to be in Healthcare Services ———Proud message circulated BY CUROFIAN



We are not counted as human by society or government ,we are doctors and medical staff which are bound to do his / her duties even in worst conditions we lost our colleague's during this fight against this dark tunnel of death.but nobody talks about us ,we have family and all other relations like others . Everybody talks about total deaths but nobody talks about medical and para medical staffs lost life during this battle ,we are still performing your duty with full dedication and determination but tag of negligence still looming with us. We sincere salute to this profession and feel proud to be a part of it.

Thanks Dr Shivraj Agarwal

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That is professional hazard No way out Proud to be part of this noble profession Tragic movements will come and go No need to scare of these Rather we are the pillars of human being in the crisis

Thank you doctor

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Mandir, masjid, churches are telling you not to come if you have symptoms.. Doctors, Hospitals, clinics are telling you to visit them immediately if you have symptoms. But when someone is cured, he will thank God and argue with doctor over billing. Incredible !!!

Indeed sir ......good thoughtfull post respected sir

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Indeed nice post sir MVD virus is dangerous than COVID - 19 Corona virus is disease not "YAMRAZ" we are medical person so need to fight against COVID - 19. Need proper awareness of "COVID- 19"

Absolutely medical fraternity is passing through very tough time to combat the epidemic situation due to Corona virus. I myself feel proud to belong to be noble profession and I am ready to serve the for the country fellows.

Well said Dr Santu Das . Yes - indeed proud to be a doctor . As only top students in 12 th class join this profession. We are at risk - no doubt- but still I feel our soldiers deserve more credit who are protecting our nation .At Siachin at - 35 degrees round the year - away from home and all facilities- living in isolation is more tough than what we are doing . The Corona,virus scare will go - but soldiers have to remain vigil through out the year I salute them .. But right now health officials all over the world are doing self less service. In Italy where the whole nation is quarantined- only Doctors and paramedics are doing round the high risk services- where Daily an average of 50 corona virus related deaths are occurring. THANKS DR SANTU DAS for initiating the discussion


Tnx Dr Priyanka Shinde

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No other deals with life Can not be revived Nirbhaya case not finalized only because life is involved Can not be reversed Law wants to give all chances to culprits Medical profession can not ne comprared junun hai isme

In every profession..... there must be something risk factors..... When the situation comes to a nation....and.... service required from a specific profession....then it's a great honour to be part of the help with out any hesitation to keep the ethics and serve the nation....and government should honour as a MARTYR....

We are still working nd we have too ! because Doctors are not ordinary. Proud to be from such a noble proffession.

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