Foreign body (coin) 7 yrs m ch Please suggest ur valuable opinions



Round opacity of FB coin seen in abdomen it is navigating the intestinal track very well you can wait and watch Laxatives may be helpful otherwise it will pass naturally doesn't require intervention

Thanx dr Satish Kumar

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Conservative management. Give a mild laxative and banana. Stool for it in the stool. Serial X-ray as follow up.

Dear drs bronchoscope is used for bronchi. For git gastro duodenoscopes r used. Here wait and watch policy will be better till no symptoms of obstruction like abdominal distension pain vomiting occur otherwise endoscopic removal or lastly surgical intervention with preop. X ray and fitness.

FB ,( ?coin) ,probably in the upper GI tract . Need to observe for obstruction. Bland diet, stool softeners, repeat plain xray abdomen Likely it will be passed spontaneously

It’s in abdomen Wait & watch Semi solid diet Levoluke 2 tsf Hs

Be sure it is coin. If Button Battery must be immediately removed. Otherwise perforation at the site of lodged Endosopy.

Coin in pyelorus

Coin in GIT, wait & watch it's gonna pass out naturally. Laxative and semi solid diet is helpful

Thanks dr naaz

Wait watch coin likely passes in stools

Nothing to do....wait&watch policy.... follow the child with xray after 48-72 hours.

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