Found a very very interesting case..... A female aged 68 years presenting with a hard keratin like horn rising from right parital region... It grows spontaneously over time... when it become curled enough it breaks and again grows over time since about 6 to 8 months or so... At the base its painful.. itching is not that prominent... No evidence of any constitutional symptoms at all... Patient is non diabetic non hypertensive... no other specific history.... Near by the lesion on another site there is a sebaceous cyst... which is since abt a year.... Patient received antibiotics analgesics... My provisional diagnosis is sebaceous horn Usually the lesion is benign... its made of squamous cells and keratin... usually keratin found in nails not in sebum... the etiology is unknown... in some cases it can land into malignant sqamous cell carcinoma or Kaposi's sarcoma... Usually treatment is surgical removal (recurrence is high) Or radiation or in resistant cases chemo also.... Patient has been referred for histopath investigation and a renowned dermatologist.... for expert opinion... Most probably it is a cornu cutaneum that is Sebaceous Horn which is i think a rare disease... Need your comments.. for further evaluation.... Thank you for reading...comments pls..



Sebaceous horn but pl do j

yes ..its sebaceous horn

U r right Dr Sushant. It is sebaceous horn

Sir Thanks for sharing a wonderful Case

Yes looks like sebaceous horn

Subecious horn is well described entity in the surgical books. I have come come across quite a few in the last 40yrs of surgical practice.

really very interesting case plz update the processings

Yes, it is sebaceous horn

Sebaceous horn

Sebaceous horn

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