fracture C3&C5 Vertebral Body of 45yrs female ,Hypothyroidism & on treatment ,Diabetic on Oral Hypoglycaemics. H/O fall in bathroom 5mnths back .No Xray done previously. C/O pain in arms & neck,shoulders.No MRI done.Parasthesias in fingers& thumbs.No motor loss. Plz guide further course of management.Thnx



NeedsCT and MRI both for full evaluation. There are obvious osteophytes and to me it appears to be a case of Whip-Lash injury. Needs evaluation. If no bony instability needs only conservative treatment.

Get MRI ,treat conservatively if condition worsened, consult NEUROSURGEON for invasive approach

mri should be done to rule out compression

osteophyte itself means that segment may be unstable. there could be a hard disc with unco vertebral hypertrophy causing stenosis. patient should be investigated

its very interesting that we are treating arm pain so casually with no imaging. it is one of the red flags. history of injury with arm pain.

Then manage conservatively with Cx Collar and supportive medication.

It was an incidental finding as she was c/o pain in arms etc as mentioned.No bony instability.Sir

you need an MRI for sure to rule out neural compression.

how does spine brace help? are levels of d3 n b12 done before starting therapy?

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