Acute Pericarditis

FUC Acute pericarditis. Chief Complaints A 16 yr old male with chest pain, raised CK MB, 2D ECHO showing No RWMA, LVEF of 62%.ECG 12 leads showing generalized ST Elevation with concavity upwards . Thyroid profile and rest Test were normal. ECG was repeated after 1 month showing T wave inversion.

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T wave inversion is seen in stage 3 of pericarditis Stages of Pericarditis Pericarditis is classically associated with ECG changes that evolve through four stages. Stage 1 – widespread STE and PR depression with reciprocal changes in aVR (occurs during the first two weeks) Stage 2 – normalisation of ST changes; generalised T wave flattening (1 to 3 weeks) Stage 3 – flattened T waves become inverted (3 to many weeks) Stage 4 – ECG returns to normal (several weeks onwards)

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