generalised deep abrasions, sd I go for direct composite build up or do rct first...patient is asymptomatic....deep overbite...



d cause has to be removed first.abrasion seems to b d result of attrition in did case.attrition seems to b due to a overactivation of d masticatory has to b restored to free it from d attrition. resulting in bruxism free..composites won't stand as pressure points r not along d long axis.n after Rc n crown ther will b abrasions beneath d crowns...bite has to b raised...

wherevr ther is severe attrition, you wil have to go for root canal. if there is no mobility in teeth, you can also go for full mouth rehabilitation, that would be more durable and aesthetically much more acceptable to the patient, psychologically.

Get an OPG done and check which teeth are near to pulpal exposure. From the photograph, looks like 22 and 23 both require root canal treatment followed by fixed dental prosthesis.

Hi doc.. History of oral hygiene practice should be asked and corrected.. RCT with crown will be better ( as composite may not sustain)

Endodontic treatment is the best part followed by crown or composite build up thnx

23 is lukng nearabout close to pulp

go for rct those are more one...whic hv minor do direct composite

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Go for rct n crown..

sir is it advisable to do rct in al tooth?

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Advised RCT.

prophylaxis first, then go fr rct, the etchings might cause pain later..... prevention is better than cure

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