Gingival swelling - Diagnosis?

Chief Complaint A 59 y/o male presents with a gingival swelling on the lingual posterior mandible for 7-8 months. Examination A reddish-blue lesion of 2 x 3.0 cm was noted. There is mild pain on touch. Diagnosis What are your comments on this?

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Kindly Upload radiographic film Upload clinical picture (occlusal & lateral view) Make biopsy to confirm Dx DD: - malignant tumor??? - dental infection - mandibular cyst

Case of Squamous cell carcinoma. Treatment , 1.phexin -500 mg BD for 7 days. 2 .Tab. Ketorol-DT ,BD for 7 days. 3.Mouth gargle Betadine . 4 .Tab.A to Z ,OD at night for 2 week. Advice Drink plenty of water and Eating Papaya and Apple .

Phexin 500mg is in tid dose If you use 750mg then it's bid

Sq.cell Ca

Squamous cell carcinoma. Do Excisional biopsy of the leison.

1.take complete history of patient 2.radiography should done, 3.biopsy of the lesion 4.chances of scc

Looking like squamous cell carcinoma Go for incisional biopsy

Looks like scc .. adv biopsy, CT face and neck.