give diag and RX, last ten years itch and burn apply lot of antifungal no result



Lichen Simplex Chronicus.*.Lichen Hypertrophicus..Have patience Dr....He has comfortably scratched for 10 yrs...and closed all pathways to cure...sending it deeper....Follow HLC.Organon and you can CURE it in less than 6 months..(* Multi-Miasmatic.)....provided you go on... after sytematic detailed Case Taking Rx.. Nux, Sul, Hydr, Crot-T Echi,Tar-c, Pet..,Thu, Tub,Bac, Rhus Grp.

Tab panch rikt ghtiya gugulu 2bd manjishthadital sindoor4gm gandhak rasayan 5gm praval pushti 5gm giloy satva 10 gm mix it & devide in 20dose 1bd with honey for 10 days after 10 days according to benifit may continue 1 month mari chhadi tail + chal mohra oil+olive oil mix in same quantity 4 external use

Agree with Dr. Sharma.... If possible then advice for panchkarma shodhan chikitsa specially Virechan

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777 oil locally apply TdS tab Amypur 2tds tab ghandhak rasyan 1Tds syp purodil 2tds aactaril soap for bath

Advised systemic anti fungal.

it seems to be a badly treated case of eczema. skin has thinned out. stop using steroids. avoid soap. give local emolients only. and ayurvedic medicines for systemic use

cutis cap 1tds g7cap 1bd cutis ointment n cutis oil for applications Triphalachuran 1tsf at bed time with water

Likely to be dermatitis as itching is there . No antifungal useful. Local n systematic steroid may help.

Dr M L Jain please prescribe Homoeopathically the homoeopathic medicine

Raninculos Burbosus 30th potency 6 pills three times for one week.

Sulph, ars alb , mez, R. T can work give after differentiating it

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