Give me advance physiotherapy treatment of cervical spinal stenosis


scaleni stretches, chin tuck (deep neck flexor activation) & theraband neck exercises. Give atleast a trial of physio before going to surgery

if c5 c6 Neuro dynamics median nerve strtech helps. Second check tightness in the trapezius splenius capitus do mild stretches. Hot pack nd followed by other basic physio management. Later pain reduces control by ur cant neck meckenzie u start with close observations

There is no physio tt for canal stenosis its mechanical problem sx is tt if symptoms r severe

Use MET and MFR for overactive muscles, target core muscles of cervical spine for strengthening and gentle mobilisation to gain and maintain mobility of the spine and post lengthening self Mobility exercises of cervical spine to maintain d gained length of tight muscles

Rahul Pandey sir pleae share your views

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