give ur opinion about this ECG PT. k/c/o ascites



sinus tachycardia with low voltage complexes poor r wave progression from v1 to v6. DD S. 1.pericardial effusion 2.constrictive pericarditis sequelae. .copd advice X ray chest. .echo. thyroid profile

sinus rhythum with low voltage patient have ascites the chances of plural effusion increase...also have probability of hypokalemia or hypocalemia may denotes flattened t wave in ecg...

sinus rhythm with low voltage complexes

1.cardiac temponade...2.chf.

pericaldial effusion

sinus tachycardia with a heart rate around 100, normal PR interval, low voltage qrs complexes, normal t waves. since this pt. has ascites, rule out pericardial effusion and hypothyroidism. get lft and rft done and diagnostic ascitic tap

pl.say drug Pcod pt.irritable thinking small thing all test normal ovulation study some time graffin follicles not form. ya same time not reputed .say homeopathic Allopathic ya aryvedic treatment pt.age 28

Pls take case properly Now u can 1st give Sepia 2p0 it correct harmonal imbalance then only u can give constitutional remedy.

normal sinus rhythm, left axis deviation, poor progression of r wave from v1 to v6 , low amplitude ecg, cxr and echo should be done might b pericardial effusion

Normal sinus rythm with low voltage ecg probably patient has pleural effusion also along with ascitis rest no apparent abnormality

normal sinus rhythm, with low voltage complexes in limb leads. chest x ray will be helpful in this case

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