give ur opinion about this ECG PT. k/c/o ascites



Normal sinus rythm with low voltage ecg probably patient has pleural effusion also along with ascitis rest no apparent abnormality

normal sinus rhythm, with low voltage complexes in limb leads. chest x ray will be helpful in this case

1.cardiac temponade...2.chf.

sinus tachycardia with low voltage complexes poor r wave progression from v1 to v6. DD S. 1.pericardial effusion 2.constrictive pericarditis sequelae. .copd advice X ray chest. .echo. thyroid profile

sinus rhythm with low voltage complexes

pericaldial effusion

Iow voltage ecg. echo may show pericardial effusion

low voltage it pericardial effusion?

Rad with low voltage pattern with st elevation in v3 v4 may be suggestive of alcoholic cardiomyopathy

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