GM respected Dr,s my relative was diagnosed with soft palate cancer(oral cancer) age 65/m. some Dr,s advising for chemo and radio and some for surgery.differnt dr different plz advise me proper treatment and dr, hospital and city.thank you.



For lesions limited to soft palate...chemoradiation but if disease of soft palate in enroaching hard palate with bony erosion then surgery followed by radiation

Treatment of choice is Radical chemoradiation.

Thank you sir. It means no need for surgery.

Radiation + concurrent weekly chemo is the best. Sugery may lead to some functional compromise like nasal twang/ nasal regurgitation.

Initially radiotherapy will be very helpful. It is available in many hospital. PGI chandigarh is most reliable. You should insist for radiotherapy only for initially.

Chemoradiation is best treatment for this patient , attaching a photo of my patient on follow up with same disease. Treated with IMRT technique with minimal side effects n total cure.

Chemo radiotherapy is preferred over surgery, in view of age and probable extent of disease I.e ? Left Medial pterygoid involvement. Radiotherapy with IMRT technique in any tertiary cancer center will bring down toxicity of treatment.

You can consult oncology department@ pgi Chandigarh......they shall guide you right

Best and good advice will be available only in AIIMS .

radiation and chemotherapy. You may also go to Tata Memorial Hospital , Mumbai.

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