grooved tongue with mild burning sensation during eating. plz diagnose n treatment.



Fissured tongue

Fissured tongue along wirh bald tongus ask.patient to maintain oral hygeine and some multivitamin

Fissured tongue.give patient a multivitamin suppliment and don't bother about these fissures

Fissured tongue No certain types treatment required

Fissure tongue

I think in dis case you will use Zinc n bcomplex like sp fibro cap And trimicolon oral gel Antacids And maintain hygein N use antibiotic if needed like amox 625 or cifadroxil 500 Also give him oral steriod like predisolone

Fissured tongue

Fissured n geographic tongue, no treatment required but maintain oral hygiene.

Fissured tongue Etiology Genetic or environmental factors or excessive intake of hot and spicy foods Or Associated with Melkersson-Rosenthal syndrome, granulomatous cheilitis, Bells Palsy and Down syndrome. TREATMENT No specific treatment is required for Fissured tongue. But these Preventive measures may help to decrease the possibilities of more serious problem in the future: Proper Oral Hygiene. Patient is encouraged to practice good oral hygiene like brushing of teeth and cleaning of the top surface of the tongue to remove food debris that may cause irritation. There are available cleaning devices like tongue scraper Avoid Foods that may cause irritation to the tongue. Foods that are too spicy and highly acidic, extra hot beverages is not advisable to take. These are irritants to the tongue that may cause irritation and will promote swelling and discomfort.

Fissured tongue
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