H/o a male pt age 23 yrs suffering from alopecia since 10 yrs

H/O A male pt age 23 yrs suffering from alopecia since 10 yrs pt didn’t get relief, pt hase taken allopathy medicine( steroids application)previously but landup in to side effects so plz suggest your Rx



1st start with Shodana chikitsa do Virechana 2)Nasya with Bringharaja swarasa 3)Daily Shirobhyanga with Malathyadi kera thailam+Neelibringhaadi kera thailam 4)Sapthamrutha loha 2 OD 5)weekly once do lepa over affected parts with icchabedi rasa tablet i.e it should be made into paste apply for 10minutes then wash it and apply Coconut oil over the area (Take caution it may cause skin irritation so avoid application over face) 6)Tab Maxcal C 1 BD

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Shodana chikista followed by jalukavacharana External application of kanunyadhi keeram along with thriphala mashi or indraluptha churnam some other treatments like blood litting shirodhara nasya nd internal drugs like rasayanas..ask patient to practice yoga to get relief from stress along with some diet changes

Nice tt mam

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Frst crrct agni. Then snehapana with aragwatha mahathiktakam ghrtam. Vamana.prachana followed by application of indraluptamashi and malathyadi keram. Nasya with ksheerabala. Internally poshana oushada and ahara. Chyavana prasa, bhrungarajaasava, kayyoni Neeru,ellu daily. Etc may help

May be auto immune disease. Take the case in detail. Trichological treatment may help him.. My daughter in law is a homoeopathic dr with medical cosmatologist. She do this type of cases with good result.

Avoid junk, fermented, packed food and bakery products and tea and alcohol. Regular exercise. Cowghee nasya daily. Hairzone spray twice a day. Tab.hairback 2-2-2. Review every 15 days.

If u get results from medications in this kind of case sir #plzzz

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Homeopathic treatment R 89.20drops in half cup of lukewarm water tds.apply same + Jaborandi mother tincture LA.massage BD.Sele30 morning & Thuja200 HS.5-6months

Arnica jabrundi and cantharis mother tincture added in hair oil then try this for minimum 2 months may be result shown

Agree with @Dr. Amarnath Kg .but instead of lepa with ichabhedi Ras ...gharshana helps much better

Think about Phosphorus, selenium, baryta carb on the basis of totality of synonyms. Follihair should be given.


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