Hairloss in a 5 year old child

H/O Following skin lesions over scalp since 15days in a 5 year old child, mild itching present


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Tinea Capitis ? Rx luliconazole Oint Minoxidil 2%

? AA ..

Tenia capitis with trichlomatomania Rx eumosone-m oint twice daily Minoxidil lotion locally twice daily

?Tinea capitis (?grey patch)

Thank you Dr.Jagesh kamath sir.

Alopecia due to Seborrheic dermatitis

Scalp Dermatitis? Tinea capitis.. Ketoconazole shampoo use. Bath lukewarm water. Bath keto soap. Topical minoxidil uses.. Flucidin ointment cream use.. Orally multivitamin antioxidants trace elements od. Orally Atrax hydroxyzine BD. Orally Azithromycin suspension od 5 days. Coconut oil use. Alovira gel uses. Take healthy diet. Clean skin regularly. Maintenance hygiene

Thanks doctor Ramesh Kumar Singh

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Looks Fungal Ars Alb 30 Homoeo

Tinea infection Scalpe shampoo Keto soap Multifungin oint locally

Rule out other differentials such as tinea capitis , malnutrition, thyroid disorders....

@ tinea capitis

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