h/o of anorexia,reduced milk yield,tick infestation1 month back.calved 4 months back.on observation,icteric cmm and vmm,temp-39.2,no lymph adenopathy.dd of theileriosis, anaplasmosis,leptospirosis.any other dd and suggest treatment



in my opinion this is infectious or obstructive jaundice , examine blood smear to rule out anaplasmosis or bebesiosis n also examine the dung sample for parasitic eggs n specific treatment may b adopted . symptomatic treatment with zenil or oxyclozanide 60ml oral , otc 40ml iv 3days , belamyl or liver extract inj 15 ml im weekly twice , ruminotorics daily for 3dsys

Sir as I know surgery is the only option for obstructive Jaundice and this can't be done at field condition so please let us know if there is any other way out to treat such cases. Recently I treated a similar case with above mentioned treatment protocol but animal unfortunately died on next day.

It may be Anaplasmosis, Inj Oxytetracyclin choice of drug for this, To prevent heamodialation NS 1 litre i/v Inj Babimido(imidocarb) 5 ml Recovered HB level with Haematinics orally ,Dexoreng 200 ml/day for 5 day Hepaways (liver tonic) 50 ml/day for a week

Thank you doctor

Inj.berenil30ml im Inj OTC 60-80ml iv with ns 500ml iv Give hematonics like sharkoferol Bol.liv 52 2 tabs bid If not responded Go with inj.imidocarb 5-10ml s/c or buparvoquone at 3mg/kgbw im

Y bernil? Otc 60ml what's dosage?

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Inj. Oct 80ml iv in NS Inj. Vit b complex 10 ml iv Inj.Berenil 30 ml im Inj.feritas

80ml Otc not much than normal dosage?

Add Syp. Livoferrol 30 ml bd,& Gud 200gms. Bd,for 15 days.

Give 3DRed as hematonics.

U will try bubervaquinon

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