H/O oral lesion for last 6 month...diagnosis & treatment?

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Oral Candidiasis. A famous saying in medical profession -If you diagnose a rare disease you are rarely correct and if a common disease you are commonly correct

oral lichen planus chronicus rx local application of steroids lotion

Oral Candidiasis...all chances as the guy is a tobacco user..probably a beedi smoker...due to TMV, TLCV...arc...

1. oral Candidiasis 2. lichen planus 3 . leukoplakia buccal mucosa


Oral candidiasis OLP

OLP. it's auto immune. no need for treatment. Treat symptomatically application of local steroids

Oral Lichen Planus

lichen planus...plaque type.on tongue...n erosive on the rt....start with systemic steroids....n topical antifungal...need to check stress levels of pt.....can also give levocetrizine.....

candidiasis. systemic anti-fungal and candid mouth paint. investigate for HIV , DM or other causes of immune suppression.

DM positive
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