H/o Recurrent swelling. H/0 surgery by village selfmade practioner I guess Sebacious cyst or dermoid cyst . what is your opinion?



Recurrent dermoid cyst, sugary by a surgeon, remove cyst in toto.

Could be a recurrent dermoid cyst. I too feel what Dr Rajkumar Gandhi may be right

no punctum seen.but what was the surgery done.any hpr.?any scan or xray.?

Good job Dr. Nihar Ranjan.

Advice to consult a surgeon, patient may need surgical management.....

post operative scar of previous attempt, both dermoid n sebaceous cyst r common in this area .most probably sebaceous with postauricular lymphadenopathy

excison in to to and biopsy!

What was the 1st biopsy report. As its a scalp lesion excision is the treatment of choice

Dear Dr Nihar It is a case of SEBACEOUS CYST. Advised excision and ASD Thanks

its a sebaceous cyst.most probably capsule was not excised which lead to recurrence.

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