H/O treatment by augmentine 625BD Cymoral fort bd, zeodal sp bd muprine ointment consider boil or fruncle when treatment start now such type of lesion develop dx and rx



Non healing ulecr on Rt foot thumb& metatarsal Rt. First of all do the wedge biopsy to exclude malignancy &.xray foot. If nothing then cleaning & debridement of wound by Betadine lotion daily and dressing with vasellinesterile gauze along with Antibiotics. Finally skin grafting.

Is the patient mentally retarded? Needs a dedicated wound care. Please rule out a malignant transformation by doing a wedge biopsy, and of course rule out diabetes too.

Non healing ulcer Needs Clinicopathological evaluation for further management Blood CBC ESR Hba1c Biopsy C & S for bacterial study Meanwhile treat with.. Cleaning and dressing .Symptomatic treatment Rest. Proceed with reports and Experts opinion

Rule out DM and ca. Take biopsy. Daily dressing. Take swab for c/s.

Rule out DM ASD with mupirocin cream ror few days ll clear the muck and then it can be appreciated in best way

Chronic non healing ulcer could be osteomyelitis. X ray, blood sugar to rule out diabetes, bacterial culture of ulcer tissue, check his pulsation.

Thanks! Dr. Mangal, sir

A simple wound or corbuncle not treated well but haphazardly. Now clean with Bernadine. Fucidine dressing.amklox cap.lyser D.

Do Biopsy Rule out DM Betadine Cleaning Treat with Antibiotics, Analgesics and T Bact Ointment

Pyoderma gangrenosum

Hi Treatment with antibiotics for how long??? Ulcer workup Routine investigations Wound swab culture Unusual place of ulcer for sure Sugar profile Colour Doppler venous & arterial X-ray to rule out osteomyelitis Local hygiene ( wash with soap n water daily then dry it. Closed dressing with betadine solution) Limb elevation Avoid addiction of tobacco in any form Proceed accordingly afterward

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